Mark Collins – #ParisAttacks

The initial reaction of John Schindler, also of The XX Committee blog (remember though that the French and others would have to detain a great many more people than Trudeau père did in October 1970):

Jihadists Attack Paris Again, the World is Horrified
There is no intelligence or law enforcement fix to the threat Europe faces from global jihad

there’s no doubt that jihadists were behind this attack, given the modus operandi and reported shouts of “Allahu akbar” (God is great) and similar Islamist taunts by the murderers. The Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (i.e. the Levant), better known as ISIS, the world’s most feared terrorist group, has already claimed responsibility. Their choice of language in describing the “miracles” in Paris, the “capital of prostitution and obscenity,” is revealing: “Today brothers from all across the world set foot in Gaul and remind the kaffir (unbeliever) that we live beside you.”

Whether ISIS is really behind the Paris atrocity, as appears likely, will take time to determine with precision. It’s possible the operation was actually the work of one of the Al-Qa’ida franchises (for a good analysis of culpability I recommend this). Regardless, recent comments by President Obama that his highly diffident war against ISIS is going well, and the Islamic State has been “contained,” now seem woefully wrong [see also: ‘Obamaprof, or, “Pentagon officials skewered for incoherent Syria policy”‘]…

The impact of these attacks on the European Union is likely to be deep and long-lasting. What 9/11 was for America in 2001, what Bali was for Australia in 2002, and what 7/7 was for Britain in 2005, the Paris atrocity will likely be for France—and for Europe. The Schengen Agreement, which gave the EU open borders, was already ailing under the impact of vast numbers of refugees surging into Europe from Asia and Africa. The Paris attacks may functionally end Schengen altogether.

Happy notions of Europe replenishing itself with millions of migrants have dwindled suddenly [but in the Globe and Mail we see: “THE BOOMER SHIFT: Refugee influx could be Europe’s salvation from retirement exodus Eric Reguly” and earlier this from the PM fils: “Trudeau to make economic case for taking in refugees at G20 summit”–yikes!]. In response to the Paris attacks, Poland has signaled it plans to reject the migrant quota the EU had given Warsaw, and it would be naïve to expect Poland to be the last to do so, given how unhappy many Eastern European states were with the quota arrangement already.

Stemming the flow of jihadists and their weaponry across Europe is a must-do for the EU now but there is ample reason to be skeptical it can be achieved anytime soon. In the first place, despite strict laws in France regarding guns, terrorists have no trouble getting AK-47s.

This is nothing new. Fully twenty years ago, jihadists – the usual mix of radicalized Frenchmen and foreigners – unleashed murderous mayhem in France with small arms and bombs they smuggled in from the Balkans, as seems to have happened in Paris again…

Even if all such weapons and explosives could be stopped from entering the EU tomorrow, there remains the problem that Europe has so many would-be jihadists already. The number of “watchable” suspects, meaning potential terrorists who need monitoring by the security services, in France alone exceeds 5,000, according to Paris…

There now will be much commentary from pundits and politicians arguing it’s time to “get tough” with the jihadists in Europe, accompanied by promises of more resources to deter the next outrage. Spies will believe such promises when executed, not before, but the stark reality is that there is no intelligence or law enforcement fix to the threat that Europe now faces from the global jihad.

As I explained back in January, after the last outrage in Paris, although France has very competent security services, among the best in Europe at countering terrorism, the number of potential jihadists is now so vast that no intelligence agency can reliably track and deter them all…

Unless Paris is willing to contemplate harsher measures, such as the internment of potential jihadists, known Islamist radicals, we should expect more attacks. There is democratic precedent for this. In October 1970, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, a liberal icon, declared martial law, deployed the army in the streets, and rounded up nearly 500 extremists, thereby crushing the nascent terror threat in Quebec. Bleeding hearts objected but Trudeau’s famous response, “go on and bleed,” was telling – and he won.

If Hollande has the gumption to do something similar, France can still turn the tide against the jihadists and save many lives…

…President Obama can help by doing something more meaningful than sending James Taylor to Paris to sing. Calling the enemy what it actually is would be a start…

In other words POTUS must put “Islamist” before “extremism” when he speaks (video also at preceding link):

we want to be very clear that we stand together with them [the French] in the fight against terrorism and extremism…

See 2) here from January this year:

SOTU: POTUS Fiddles While World–and Islam–Burn

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds

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