Mark Collins – Iraq: Upcoming Battle for Mosul, Plus Turkey

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Closer to Mosul Push “Anti-ISIS fight will get harder after Mosul, says Canadian general”“Canadian general: ‘Fall of Mosul is inevitable’ ““Mosul’s Liberation From ISIL ‘Inevitable,’ Canadian General Says” (US DoD Info-machine)“Coalition general: ‘Final rehearsal’ before Mosul fight underway”“Plans Take Shape for Iraqi Assault on Mosul”“Islamic State conflict: How will the battle for Mosul unfold?”
“To Drive ISIS from Mosul, a Complicated Coalition Joins Forces”
“Canadian general warns Islamic State fight will get harder after Mosul”
“Daesh leaders defecting before Mosul operation: general”
“Abadi to Mosul residents: “victory is near” “ – “Iraq Prime Minister Promises Victory In Mosul”
“Iraq: Impending Mosul assault puts 600,000 children in line of fire – Iraq” (Save the Children)
“IS Plans Widespread Destruction in Mosul as Conditions Worsen for Residents”
“Shia Badr forces will consider foreign troops intervene in Mosul battle”
“Turkey’s presence at Bashiqa military camp in northern Iraq is at the request of Kurdish authorities who recognize their forces in the country, Turkey’s deputy prime minister declared on Wednesday, adding that no one has right to object to their presence …”
TUR-IRQ Friction “Turkey-Iraq Tensions Rise as Battle of Mosul Approaches”“Iraq Warns of Regional War With Turkey”“Turkey not in Iraq as occupiers: Deputy PM”“Turkey says it does not aim to be an occupier in Iraq”“Iraq asks UNSC to discuss Turkish presence in N. Iraq”“Iraq seeks emergency UN Security Council session over Turkish military presence”
“Pro-govt Iraq fighters ‘likely’ killed in coalition airstrike near Mosul – US official”“At least 20 Iraqi Sunni tribal fighters die in mistaken air strike”“Pentagon probes pro-govt Iraq fighter deaths in coalition strike”…

Not exactly simple.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds

10 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Iraq: Upcoming Battle for Mosul, Plus Turkey”

  1. More on Iraqi/US military preparations for Mosul, plus Turks in Kurdistan:

    “‘Final rehearsal’ for Mosul; This week in Russian propaganda; Remote-controlled tanks, on the horizon; swarm attack on ex-USN ship off Yemen; and just a bit more…”

    “SitRep: The Coming Mosul Insurgency [Canadian general quoted]; Russian Navy Sprinting For Mediterranean

    Mark Collins


  2. More on Canadian Forces in Kurdistan at (rurther links at original):

    “(CAN) Military drops cone of silence on firefights with ISIS militants”
    “Mission now more dangerous for Canadian soldiers in Iraq, military says as it defends increased secrecy”
    “Canadian troops spending more time at front lines in Iraq as future of mission is unclear”
    “Canadians ready to play small but critical role as ISIL’s days in power appear to be finally coming to an end”
    “Canadian special forces under fire from ISIL in Iraq, but military won’t say much about ‘sporadic’ attacks”
    “430 Squadron supports Operation Impact”…

    Mark Collins


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