Will Anyone in PM Trudeau’s Cabinet Bother to Read Joanna Chiu’s Book on the PRC?

When BBQ spareribs fly, one supposes. Excerpts from a story at the Globe and Mail:

Toronto Star’s Joanna Chiu wins Shaughnessy Cohen Prize

Ian Bailey

Toronto Star journalist Joanna Chiu has won this year’s Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing [website here].

Ms. Chiu, who is based in Vancouver, was honoured for her first book, China Unbound: A New World Disorder, which is about China’s influence in Canada and around the world [more here].

“The rise of China is the geopolitical story of the twentieth-first century, and Joanna Chiu has expertly charted the country’s efforts to extend its power around the globe,” the judges said in a statement…

The judges said Ms. Chiu had done a masterful job of reporting the story of modern China in her book, which was published by House of Anansi Press.

“From meeting displaced Uyghurs in Istanbul and China-curious entrepreneurs in Sicily, to witnessing street protests in Hong Kong and Xi Jinping’s wooing of Vladimir Putin in Beijing, Chiu does on-the-ground reporting and adds brisk, smart analysis of China’s creeping influence in Canada and around the world. The result: China Unbound is a sweeping portrait of a rising superpower that is essential reading for any follower of Canadian politics [emphasis added].”..

The award recognizes a book of literary nonfiction on a political subject relevant to Canadian readers that has the potential to influence thinking on Canadian political life…

One can but hope…and sigh. An earlier post based on a story by Ms Chiu (tweets here):

Two Followers on Twitter and the PRC Persecutes a Chinese in Canada

UPDATE:This sort of thing is certainly going on in Canada yet oddly no-one ever gets charged. One furiously wonders why. At Defense One’s “D Brief“:

Four alleged Chinese intelligence officers were charged Wednesday [May 18], along with a U.S. citizen, for spying on activists critical of China who lived in or around Queens, New York. This operation stretched out over a decade going back to at least 2011.
How it happened: The American, 73-year-old Wang Shujun, “helped start a pro-democracy organization in Queens that opposes the current communist regime in China,” the Justice Department said Wednesday. During this time, Wang “used his position and status within the Chinese diaspora and dissident communities to covertly collect information about prominent activists and human rights leaders,” and sent that information back to officers in China’s Ministry of State Security. Sometimes the information was passed in person during visits to China; but he also used encrypted messaging apps as well as 163 email “diaries” the MSS accessed in mainland China.
“The Chinese government’s aggressive tactics were once confined to its borders. Now, the PRC is targeting people in the United States and around the world,” said Alan Kohler Jr., who works in the FBI’s National Security Branch.
Those targeted included “Hong Kong pro-democracy activists, advocates for Taiwanese independence, and Uyghur and Tibetan activists,” the Justice Department said. When asked about his role in the process, Wang allegedly lied to federal officials, which only yielded still more charges. He has since been arrested and will be arraigned sometime later; the other four officers remain at large.

And a related recent post:

Look, Ma! In the US They Arrest People for Interfering in Elections for the PRC

More images of the book and Ms Chiu:

Mark Collins

Twitter: @Mark3ds

2 thoughts on “Will Anyone in PM Trudeau’s Cabinet Bother to Read Joanna Chiu’s Book on the PRC?”

  1. Hi Mark As as a former Minister Commercial at Cana8 Embassy Beijing. and as your former house lessee in Ottawa. Let me be quite honest. We were unable to resist the pull of China. It was not a conspiracy, it was simply geopolitics. That the USA at the time was engaging in the same behaviour made it all so acceptable. If big brother is a bad dud, then little bro will overdo it. Ken


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