Related Websites

Air Power Asia

The Arctic Institute (note “The Arctic This Week” at bottom right)

Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Aviation Week

Breaking Defense

Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS)

Canadian Global Affairs Institute

Canadian Military Journal (official Canadian Armed Forces’ publication)

Centre for International Policy Studies, University of Ottawa

Charles Crawford: Opinion

Conference of Defence Associations Institute

Corporal Frisk

Defense News

Defense News:Early Bird Brief

Defense One

Defense One: “The D Brief

The Diplomat

The Drive: The War Zone

Flight Global

Foreign Policy

France 24

Lindley-French’s Blog Blast: Speaking Truth Unto Power

FDD’s Long War Journal

Lux Ex Umbra blog (SIGINT)

Macdonald-Laurier Institute Blog

Think Defence

Thin Pinstriped Line

Small Wars Journal

Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs (SOMNIA, Canadian Forces College)

UK Defence Journal


War on the Rocks

The Wavell Room

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