NORAD (and NORTHCOM) Thinking Offense of some sort vs Russian Threats–what does Canadian Government Think?

(The image at the top of the post is part of the tweet quoted below.)

This tweet by NORAD about moving beyond a strictly defensive mission, presumably with the concurrence of Canadians serving at the command, tells a very big story that is not getting enough attention in Canada or the US–GIDE stands for Global Information Dominance Experiment (more here, note mention of Canada):

Now have a look at this recent post that gives background over which to ponder–it looks like NORAD may now be fully on the NORTHCOM bandwagon. Again, what does the Canadian government think? Has it actually thought about what is potentially involved for Canada if the role of NORAD expands to include some sorts of pre-emptive offensive capabilities? E.g. cyber attacks. In sum the US clearly has wide and revolutionary NORAD concerns; it’s not just about modernizing the ancient North Warning System. Rather it’s “left of launch” and all that, fully involving NORTHCOM and other US commands (note the badges at the top of the GIDE image that centres on the Arctic Ocean):

US NORTHCOM Thinking pre-emptively vs Russian Cruise Missiles, Leaving NORAD a Backwater?

Mark Collins

Twitter: @mark3ds

6 thoughts on “NORAD (and NORTHCOM) Thinking Offense of some sort vs Russian Threats–what does Canadian Government Think?”

  1. From a piece by Prof. Nancy Steeples at Royal Military College of Canada:

    “The Impact of the Post-Arms Control Context and Great Power Competition in the Arctic

    What is the impact of new missile technology and the post-strategic arms control context in the Arctic?

    …USNORTHCOM and NORAD have released a new strategic guidance for developing all domain awareness capability and information dominance, under a deterrence by denial doctrine that shifts responses to Russian and Chinese aggression to the left (i.e., early, or prior-to the launch phase) to prevent or disarm threats before they are deployed…”

    What does Canadian gov’t think of all this?

    Mark Collins


  2. Further to above podcast, US thinking is all aimed “left of launch”, deterring or preventing (how?) Russian attacks, kinetic or otherwise, before they start, using combined actions by various US COCOMS (and NORAD) to achieve those goals, with all-domain info/data awareness/coordination/integration to achieve that “Global Information Dominance”.

    To my mind that potentially gets NORAD and Canada involved in all sorts of things to which our government has not given formal, open consideration, much less any official agreement. Events seem to be racing way ahead of our thinking/commitments–we’re not in the North Warning System anymore, Toto.

    They’re talking about a fundamentally different defence “environment” than almost anyone considers publicly in this country.

    Mark Collins


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